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's like a ping-pong, it's bad, it's cold, what's going on? >> tennessee and kentucky have seen the worst of it. we've had about three tornado reports. we've had about 195 total updated for you live there. newly notice the concentration overnight had been through arkansas, louisiana and the ohio river. abdomen storms are starting to plow their way right across kentucky and especially tennessee. these are all tornado warnings heading right over nashville. thankfully, those storms have weakened a little bit over louisville and bowling green but those are going to slide over the east coast today. an area of greater concern, the area of yellow today, everyone here has a chance of severe storms, damaging winds. it will only last about 30 minutes or less but when that line of storms comes through you'll feel it and you'll want to seek shelter. atlanta, heading through pittsburgh, west virginia, and then afternoon traveling through much of the carolinas. again, all eyes, best chance of tornadoes is in the state of tennessee. thankfully, no fatalities overnight. we'll talk about the snowstorm goi
's making its way north. at least two people have lost their lives in georgia and tennessee. many have lost their homes and tens of thousands were left without power. nbc's kurt gregory has more. >> reporter: wicked winds whipped through charlotte, north carolina, as rain drenched the queen city, all a part of the nasty storm system marching across the southeast on wednesday. that same system spawned a massive funnel cloud in adairsville, georgia. 100 people were at work when the twister took aim on this plant. thankfully, all were safe. in tennessee, the national weather service confirmed four tornadoes touched down. one man was killed by a falling tree. and in kentucky, two people were injured when another confirmed tornado blew a trailer off its foundation. kurt gregory, nbc news. >>> we'll have more on that devastating weather and the latest in terms of weather from nbc's bill karins coming up. >>> the debate over gun control is taking place across the country and yesterday it was heard from the nation's capital to newtown, connecticut, the town that lost 26 lives. last night, moving te
,000. no arrests have been made. >>> it was a similar scene in tennessee when a van backed through the front door of a market. security cameras captured two men jump ought and loading the atm into the van. authorities later recovered that stolen vehicle minus the atm machine. the two men are still at large. >>> police in georgia have released security video of a school board official intentionally running down a 15-year-old girl in a walmart parking lot just to get a spot. authorities say the teen was trying to save the space for a teen when she got hit. forngtly, she was not injured. the 41 driver was champed with reckless conduct. >>> finally in washington state, we're getting an aerial view of tons of japanese tsunami debris that washed up last month. among it, an entire dock with japanese writing on it. there's no word when it will be removed. another dock washed up in oregon earlier this year. >>> in sports, bigup set in college football. number 21 louisville returned an interception on the first play and scored four more times as they knocked off third ranked florida 33-23. tonight, it's th
jacquelin brown from clarksville, tennessee. if you have been told to watch your drinking, come on inside. we have a mirror behind the bar. maybe we should have just gotten a mirror. why stop drinking? >> i was wondering what it had to do with piranhas, but apparently nothing. >> next is from sheryl gaffney from milwaukee, oregon. >> practice safe lunch. use condiments. >> it almost looks like a bogts. >> that's precious. i like that one. >> stacy mitchell says the next one is from seeberville, tennessee. i'm so glad the bear is watching the sign and not me. >> oh, my god. that's scare where i. >> that was just on the side of the road in tennessee. >> wow. >> that's the view in tennessee. i need to move. sarah white from winter park, florida, sent us this photo. now, they even have a little life preserver. this is outside a pub in ireland. just in case you see that, make sure you jump in and help out. >> can't say you weren't warned. >> exactly. >> finally finally, laura from coronado, california, submitted this photo. 60 minute parking, but we're going to tow your vehicle after 30. >> wh
to the folks up there. gunpowder the elementary school, thanks fo. north carolina, virginia, tennessee. you can see the satellite imagery showed that swipe of snow that when the cross. skies clear the next day. a little bit did manage to fall on the lower eastern shore of maryland. southern west virginia, southwest virginia, no. north carolina, over a foot. a high today of 38. it will get even colder than that as we head towards midnight. skies had cleared up and down the i-95 corridor. south of baltimore, that snow- covered area in virginia, the skies are clear. temperatures are going to fall fast. we're in for a cold night. it is 28 in hancock. south of baltimore towards annapolis, temperatures barely above freezing. the light breeze. tomorrow, the airport here comes in. it is a clear sky -- the air out here comes in. it is a clear sky. temperatures running well above normal. still in the fifth deposal. -- 50's. on sunday, a cold front come sweeping out canada. -- sweeping out of canada. 15 below zero. big trout lake ontario. we will get a piece of the arctic air mass. these purples show you
, heavy rain and even snow. in tennessee, the national weather service confirmed three tornadoes touched down overnight. one man was killed by a falling tree. and in kentucky, two people were injured when another confirmed tornado blew a trailer off its foundation. what we're seeing right now is springtime weather coming up from the gulf of mexico. warm and humid. wintertime weather coming down from canada, cold and dry. the clash coming together, creating some severe weather. >> reporter: it's also led to a week of weather whiplash. a day after reaching a record 65 degrees in cleveland, tonight, it's expected to snow. and in green bay, where yesterday it was in the 50s, people are bracing for their second biggest snowfall of the season. and they're even sandbagging tonight outside the white house to protect from possible flooding. and tonight that severe weather threat exists all the way from our nation's capital in through northern florida. brian? >> julie martin, adaresville, georgia. julie, thanks. let's go to weather channel meteorologist jim cantore tonight. jim, today at one point
tennessee and make sure they have severe weather heading their way. and a possibility of tornadoes and through the evening. the overnight events when it's dark that you can't see the tornadoes that they can be the most dangerous. so the area of yellow. it's going to be widespread today, almost from chicago, all the way down to new orleans and the dallas area. but it's the area of red that's of the most concern. the greatest risk of seeing tornadoes. everyone else is going to have to deal with a strong squall line. it will probably last a half hour but knock down trees. east coast is fine today. back behind this, by the way, cold and snow. much of the rockies is looking like the middle of the winter. so a lot of travel issues out there today, you name it. >>> well, "mean" girls fans may have reason to celebrate with "30 rock" ended thursday. tina fey is looking for a project. that may be a "mean girls" musical. >>> well, taye diggs' night was just getting started after he left the s.a.g. awards sunday. the actor arrived home to find an intruder in his garage. diggs chased the man do
, cars were tossed. thousands of people are without power in tennessee. three tornadoes touched down. >> now insta-weather plus and traffic pulse 11 together. >> it was a rough night in maryland. we had anywhere from 1-4 inches of rain. temperatures right now or in the 50's. a cold front is going through. following are steady temperatures for the rest of the day. there could be some leftover rain showers. it will be a lot colder this afternoon. seven-day forecast in a few minutes. >> we have a crash northbound on 95 at 32 in howard county. three left lanes are blocked. things are moving fine. we do not see any delays. some flooding from the heavy downpours overnight. york road, we have a closure. eastbound 50, we have a crash that is blocking the right lane. some debris blocking the right lane. 65 on the harrisburg expressway . traffic is moving find in both directions. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> 52 degrees at the airport. >> 11 treat designer is coming up with a plan to sell a perfume for babies. >> another plant to help underwater homeowners. the best deals on forec
damaging winds going over the mississippi river. throughout the night in alabama, mississippi, tennessee. then during the day wednesday, it sweeps all the way to the east coast. we're talking severe weather for a large chunk of the country. the middle of this week, it will be dangerous. >> all right. thank you. >>> "les miserables" of t-- "argo" was the big winner at the screen actors guild awards. daniel day-lewis won for "lincoln" and jennifer lawrence picked up the award for "silver linings playbook." >>> and which was the best of the worst? "parker" and "movie 43" had terrible reviews. >>> burt reynolds was hospitalized this weekend with a severe case of the flu, spending time in the icu freezing. his rep said they were taking care of him and his mustache. >>> and ashton kutcher was hospitalized after being doubled over in pain after a diet consisting of fruit, nuts, and seeds. huh. >> could lose a lot of weight on that diet. >> maybe it -- there's not -- i don't understand. it sounds healthy. >> try it and see how you do. >> i know. >>> this comes from rochester, minnesota. a nearby
's a look at the weather outside of your wind. >> well, areas like memphis, tennessee, have been very cold. i think we're going to hit the peak of it, though. i think we'll warm things up in the middle of the weekend. a lot of people are enjoying it in the middle of the nation. it's been very cold. >>> well, sandy hook students prepare to go back to school. >>> penn state fights back with a major lawsuit against the ncaa. >>> plus, a member of the paparazzi killed after taking photos of justin bieber's white ferrari. you're watching "early today." >>> well, welcome back. some stories making news this morning. a lawsuit is being filed in federal court over sanctions filed against penn state. pennsylvania governor tom corbett is suing the ncaa because part of the $60 million fine would be used to finance child abuse prevention grants outside of the state of pennsylvania. >>> in alaska, no signs of a leak of that oil drilling ship that went aground near kodiak island. the rig is carrying 140,000 gallons of diesel and lube oil in hydraulic fluid. >>> in los angeles, police say a celebrity phot
is going to sit over louisiana, through arkansas and eventually push into kentucky and tennessee and stay there for a while. it's not moving east ward all that quickly. and you can see the heavy rain and thunderstorms all across the gulf coast. right through louisiana. stretching right up into northwestern parts of mississippi as well. and a closer look shows you just how much lightning is associated with these thunderstorms as well. it's just streaming in off the gulf of mexico. and that is going to allow perhaps two to four inches of rain to fall in this area. and again, that's over the next 48 hours. and it will slowly spread eastward. that's a look at the weather across the country. now, here's a peek out your window. >> the new york city is 48 degrees. not bad, above average. we're also looking at temperatures today to top out in the upper 50s. and charlotte north carolina, looks pretty did there. minus a couple showers in orlando, florida, 81 degrees. >> so really the entire east coast enjoying above-average temperatures. florida's about 10 degrees above average. >> i love it when y
to determine the victim pasay tennessee. in cecil county, investigating officers are -- deputies say they were called to a home in elkton around midnight on new year's morning presidents have been watching fireworks when a girl took a bullet to the head and collapsed. she is in critical condition at a delaware hospital. we will have more on this story tonight on "11 news at 5:00." multiple investigations centered around crime in baltimore county. police were called to a hotel party three separate times after midnight. jennifer franciotti reports the security hired for the party were outnumbered. >> the crown plaza hotel was the brainchild of several local party promoters. -- the crown plaza hotel party was the brainchild of several local party promoters. >> they did a good job putting it together. >> partygoers describe a good job put together in the hotel atrium, packed with 1000 people. >> a lot of different promoters get together for the party. we are still here. >> but not everyone rang in 2013 peacefully. police responded to a 911 call about a flight around 1:43 in the morning. less than
coast. new orleans, mississippi, alabama, tennessee areas even north carolina will have to deal with some of that rain as we go into the afternoon. washington, d.c. may see a shower, but overall looks like a pretty dry day. that's a look at your national forecast. here's a look at weather outside your window. new york city rang in a pretty mild new year's. temperature was at 41. we're watching areas like north carolina and orlando today. north carolina you look like you got some wet weather. >>> well, minimum wage goes up in ten states today. and a pretty decent year for stocks. have you checked? >>> plus, 2012 was the safest year for air travel ever. you're watching "early today" on this first day of january 2013. >>> what a show it's been all night long. atop the empire state building. that's brand-new lights up and they've been flashing all night long. times square itself, everyone's gone. about 1 million plus were there for the ball drop. and now new york city sanitation workers, they have their work cut out for them. believe it or not, by sunrise, it will look like new. wel
rain and ice later today from atlanta, to north georgia to many areas of tennessee too. then just areas of light, fluffy snow throughout much of the ohio valley today. including this morning around chicago, late today towards tonight it will move through washington, d.c. and areas of north carolina. that's what we'll be watching. it's a little warmer out there, not quite as cold. also some rainy weather from southern california to arizona. as we go throughout your weekend, notice we're snow-free, maybe a few flurries around the great lakes. temperatures moderate. notice 17 around minneapolis. the problem is as we get warmer air heading northwards it's going to give way to clouds and rain. freezing rain could be a problem on sunday for iowa and central illinois. keep in minds are any travel plans through the midwest, a little freezing rain but the moderation begins this weekend. >> really sad i'm looking forward to 38 degrees. >>> if you're looking for entertainment, you might want to skip the movies this weekend. there are three new releases and none screened by critics. bill buzz and l
temperatures in the northeast and the appalachians and tennessee river valley until monday. all right. look at this. yesterday, it's actually warmed up in saranac lake. yesterday at this time it was 32 below. it's only 14 below in saranac la lake. 3 in binghamton. 9 in state college. jet stream is way down to the south and so washington you're at 27 today. 14 in syracuse and in augusta, maine, 22, detroit. by saturday it starts to make its way a little to the north. temperatures do start to moderate. sunday, we'll actually start to see some changes. detroit gets up to 30. washington, 37. by monday, we're back to normal. jet stream way up to the north. lexington, 54. d.c., 34 degrees. boston will see 39. from the appalachians on into the tennessee river valley and eventually making its way into the northeast by later this evening. savannah? >> al, thanks. >>> there are signs this morning that the economy is thawing out in a big way. the stock market is on a tear, back to prerecession levels and unemployment is at a five-year low. jim cramer is the host of cnbc's "mad money." good to see you,
witherspoon and her husband name their baby tennessee. >> what a disappointment. america's sweetheart. moms love her and they hate this name. it's too southern, too offbeat. people expected more from her. >> she's a southern girl. she comes from nashville. it's a nod to her heritage. i don't think it's that bad. alyson hanniga sbchlt and her husband had keeva. what's with that? >> you think you heard it wrong. >> suri grows on you, though. i'll throw that out there. >> jessica simpson has been in the headlines for the pregnancy of 2012. she's pregnant again. let's talk about her first child, maxwell. i guess naming a girl maxwell is the problem? >> that's the problem with maxwell. in the '80s, unisex names were in. they're totally out. this is a girl. don't give her a boy's name. >> kim car dash kardashian. >> don't do the kimye. resist the urge to put them together. >> i don't think they will. >> duchess of cambridge and william. >> we did a survey at baby center. american moms want diana, in honor of the princess. u.k. moms want charlotte. got to go with something clsk and royal. >> i'm
>> patty page has died with that song and others like "tennessee waltz" and "old cape cod," she became one of the biggest pop singers in fact 1950s. she sold more than 100 million records in a career that spanned seven decades. she was to be honored with a lifetime achievement award at the grammys next month. patty page was 85 years old. >>> lots of folks are taking down their christmas trees right now, usually without incident. and that was the plan this morning at the lennox square mall in atlanta. that is until part of the crane being used to take down the big tree from the roof of macy's collapsed and the tree ended up dangling over the side of the building. no injuries reported. >>> and you won't find these next items at macy's, but have we got a sale to tell you about. how about a launch pad used for the space shuttles? there's word tonight that nasa is selling or renting facilities at the kennedy space center that were part of that shuttle program, which ended a year-and-a-half ago. in addition to launch pad 39a, they're selling space in the vehicle assembly building, which was firs
:16. there was severe weather in the south. one person was killed when a tornado touched down in georgia. in tennessee, dozens of homes were destroyed or damaged. thousands of people without power. mobile homes were torn up in kentucky. thousands remained without power. a fire at a food processing plant in wisconsin. it has forced the evacuation of a lot of residents. too soon to tell how that fire started. the last surviving member of the andrews sisters died of natural causes on wednesday. they hawked war bombs and boosted morale on the home front with tunes like "i will be with you at apple blossom time." she was 94 years old. president obama's take to lead the department of defense begins the confirmation process today. some lawmakers are not show sure chuck hagel is the right before the pentagon. >> chuck hagel answered more than 100 written questions. today he will answer many more in person. chuck hagel has been prepping at the pentagon. >> we're doing rapid response as issues come in. >> he has been meeting with lawmakers in hopes of gaining support. one senator is not waiting for his meeting
weather. i don't like ice. i don't like snow. >> reporter: the frigid temperatures in tennessee left trees looking like ice sculptures and forced paramedics to skate to victims. in virginia, snow was the problem. interstate 81 clouded by a mix of white powder and brown slush. in chicago, an historic streak was finally broken. the city's first inch of snow in 335 days. to the east in syracuse with a high of 20 degrees ice had to be broken on the seneca river for those braving the polar bear plunge. the temperatures in michigan also so low the detroit river was dotted with what appeared to be icebergs. meanwhile, out west in utah where they're used to this sort of weather, the ice sent a record number of people to the e.r. including janille anderson. >> i went out to get the newspaper and the next thing i knew i was flat on my back in the driveway. >> reporter: injuries are treated and the cleanup continues and a new storm is targeting the midwest. nbc news, atlanta. >>> let's find out a little about the new storm. we turn to the weather channel's julie martin to find out what's ahead. good
the flu is now widespread in every state except tennessee and hawaii. 9% of flu deaths are in the elderly, very young, -- 90% of flu deaths are the elderly, very young, and people with other conditions. one-third to one half of people are not getting prompt treatment the fda has approved a new vaccine that is being made by injecting flu jeans into a virus and drink it in caterpillar sells. -- a growing it in caterpillar cells. experts say the quarter production method could be very helpful in the event of a pandemic -- quicker production method could be very helpful in the event of a pandemic p. >> that southern snowstorm yesterday's state south of us. it did put down substantial snow in parts of virginia. those are not clouds. that is not being picked up by the satellite imagery. you can see that stripe there. parts of west virginia, around princeton, 15 inches. a couple inches around raleigh, durham. and through central virginia. some spots the lord eastern shore of maryland as well. -- on the lower eeastern shore of maryland as well. that is what occurred with that storm tracking by ye
. a thick sheet of ice has covered and crippled parts of tennessee, and in tennessee high winds and freezing temperatures formed ice dunes outside of lake erie. single-digit temperatures have left lakes and waterfalls frozen solid. in ohio a blanket of snow is causing the biggest problems. plows are working overtime while cars are barely working at all. the brutal conditions in so many places mean big business for tow truck operators. >> we usually average about 80 calls in the summertime and we're doing about 200 now. >> in chicago flakes fell for the first time in 265 days. a record drought when it comes to snow in the windy city. unwilling to wait, this man made his own patch of cold. >> you can never really count on mother nature anymore. she is not very reliable. >> or predictable. so many across the country bundled up and wondering what mother nature might bring next. jay gray, wbal-tv 11 news. >> get chills looking at that. hundreds of thousands of pentagon civilian employees could be facing furloughs and frozen pay checks if congress doesn't find the mandatory budget. one stays furlo
pummeled much of the south. a tornado was confirmed in tennessee. many people have lost their homes. tens of thousands without power outside nash. there were also tornado warnings in kentucky, alabama, and georgia. >> now your 11 insta-weather- plus forecast with tom tasselmyer. >> a line of storms went further south, all the way down to new orleans. a line of storms when across your liens this morning around 8:00. -- went across new orleans is morning around 8:00. the winds from the west are making it feel quite cool. a definite change in the city. this is the same system that will bring changes our way. will be a cooler weather pattern but very comfortable. partly cloudy daytime temperatures in the 60's. definitely a change coming there. the same front bringing the change to new orleans is approaching us tonight. ahead of it we hit 70. we were within two degrees of hitting the record high set back in 1914. everyone in maryland on the warm side of the approaching front. we have flood watches and advisory's covering much of maryland from the mountains to the bay to parts of southern maryl
tennessee, the up state of south carolina, north carolina, northern atlanta into thursday night and friday morning. we do have a chance of some freezing rain. we have snow around the great lakes. snow possible later friday in the northeast. look at the temperatures. it's cold enough for that. no doubt about it. and on saturday we start to clear the system moves offshore. lake effects snow. no surprise there. rain showers for arizona and new mexico. 56 in denver. not too bad. more snow coming into the west with the next storm. rain across the plains on sunday. an icy mix on the northern side. this system pulls into the great lakes here by monday. and we'll be watching for more winter weather there. and again on tuesday. it's getting busy. keep it right here on the weather channel. you can wake up with al weekday mornings for your latest forecast. i played a round of in the last five hours? then i read a book while teaching myself how to play guitar; ran ten miles while knitting myself a sweater; jumped out of a plane. finally, i became a ping pong master while recording my debut alb
love it. >> i have to go ahead and say this. all my girlfriends back home in tennessee asked me last night, because you know how carol burnett used to do this? to say hi to her mom? they want me to say hi. they try to watch everything i'm on. so doing this or this, you know, is way too -- so i may do something. >> that's a little bit whacky? >> so if i do it -- >> twitch or something weird. >> tell us about your daughter running against mitch mcconnell. >> there you go. we got to play trivia. we got to hear it, is your daughter going to run against mitch mcconnell? very important. >> brandi's cat happened to walk by with a hair ball last night. so good. >> is she or is she not going to run against mitch mcconnell? dying to know. >> dateline hoda. >> dying to know, dying to know. >> i don't know. and you know i would tell you if i knew. i would be like spray painting it over overpasses and water towers. we really don't know. >> we'll wait and see on that. >> but i can say, if she was, she'd be so perfect, because ashley is very transparent. she will tell you the truth. she loves kentu
thousands without power. at least one person was killed. a man in tennessee was hit by a falling tree. >>> hillary clinton is in her final days as secretary of state. speaking tuesday with nbc's andrea mitchell, she did not close the door on a potential presidential run in 2016. she was asked what went wrong during her time as secretary of state. >> well, benghazi went wrong. you know, that was a terrible example of trying to get the right balance between being in a threatening place or not being there. >> but in retrospect, shouldn't a cable, warning of a security threat from an ambassador in a conflict zone, shouldn't that get the highest possible attention immediately? >> well, that's what we're hoping to make sure it does happen in the future. >> clinton says she worries about extremists groups that shoot teenage girls because they want to go to school. >>> secretary clinton's replacement won overwhelming senate approvial tuesday as joh kerry is expected to become the next secretary of state. he resigns as senator effective friday. >>> more now on the iraq war veteran we told you
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of tennessee and also on into parts of alabama. we are watching these systems make their way through. here's what's going on. we've got a risk of these strong storms, tornadoes possible from mobile up to washington. warm, moist air coming up from the south, cold air coming in from the north. where those systems are clashing, that's where we've got the severe storms. as you watch this system make its way across the country into the east, it's a fast mover. you can see heavy rain falling with this and the possibility of tornadoes firing up right on through the afternoon into the evening hours. back side of the system, we've got a lot of snow. rainfall, we've got flood watches in effect right now for much of the northeast. anywhere from two to five inches of rain, stretching from alabama, all the way on up into the northeast. and behind the system, we've got snow to talk about. some area s picking up six to nine inches of snow with this system alone. another system coming in, in a couple of days that, will add to this snow. right now the northeast under the gun for tornadoes. >> mr. bill gate
of the country. the weather channel's mike seidel is in knoxville, tennessee, where they're cleaning up today now that the worst appears to be over. mike, good morning. >> reporter: and good morning, lester. here in knoxville, temperatures stayed above freezing all night. so the ice from yesterday has melted. take a look at the streets yesterday. we had freezing rain for nine hours. about .4 inch of ice. this shut down a lot of roadways, hundred of accidents here up through kentucky, the carolinas. one fatality in the upstate of south carolina due to icy roads. power was not a big issue. only 4,000 customers, about 2% of the power base lost power here in knoxville. to the north, it was snowfall. let's head up to the buckeye state. in columbus, several inches of snow. this did not drop a lot of snow. amounts generally one to two inches. a swath from columbus into allegheny county near pittsburgh. cars were slipping and sliding on the roadways there. and in chicagoland, they finally got their first inch of snow after 335 days. the record streak ends. lester, you being from chicago can appreciate th
in tennessee. this morning, emergency crews rescued several people from cars stranded on flooded roadways in maryland. >>> hostage negotiators intensify their efforts this morning to rescue a 5-year-old boy, who was kidnapped from a school bus tuesday in rural alabama after the bus driver was shot to death. police say the boy is being held by the suspected gunman in an underground bunker. >>> secretary of defense nominee, chuck hagel, faces a senate confirmation today. nbc mike isikoff has more on his experiences in vietnam. good morning, michael. >> tamron, good morning. when chuck hagel appears before the senate foreign relations committee this morning, sitting behind him is his younger brother tom, a law professor in dayton, ohio. more than 40 years ago, the two were the only accessiblelings to serve in the same army squadron during the war, a real life band of brothers saving others lives and shaping chuck hagel's thinking to this day. >> reporter: 1968, the bloodiest year of the vietnam war, two young brothers from nebraska fighting side by side. they barely survived. >> the concussi
've also got a system from the west, a double barrelled system from minneapolis down to tennessee pushing friday across the country through the great lakes and the mid-atlantic and reforming off the northeast coast. it will be bringing a lot of snow with it, especially along the great lakes and appalachians and all the way to the blue ridge mountainses, talking anywhere from 3 to 6 inches and lake effect snow could see 6-9 inches in new york state. icing conditions from bowling green to the blue ridge and north carolina area. we're talking significant icing a quarter of inch to half inch of ice and that could bring down power lines, trees and cause massive massive traffic problems em >> good morning. we could have some leftover snow flurries early this morning. it will turn mostly sunny. >> get that weather any time you need it, especially in this kind of weather. online. savannah. >> all right, al. thank you very much. >>> still ahead, the 9-year-old who landed an historic oscar nomination for her very first movie role. ann curry catches up with quvenzhane wallis. >>> prince
, tennessee and washingt washington, d.c. have been spared the brunt of the viral storm. >>> to fight the flu bug researchers are now using bugs. they have approved a new vaccine called flu box. it's made by injecting flu gene noose an insect virus and growing it in caterpillar cells. it takes out the lengthy method of the vaccine growing in eggs for people who are allergic to eggs. this is what's going on around town over the weekend. [ telephone rings ] good evening, this is flo. [laughs] yes, i'm that flo. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive. sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home. sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home. >> one family from pasadena is making the trek but they are not all rooting for the same team. >> the family of pasadena is packing u
put his commitment out there. i remember as a little kid in tennessee, the first time i went up the high diving board, the key step was climbing that long ladder going out to the edge of the board. then i had to go off it. i was about 5 years old. i think that making the kind of commitment he did is comparable. he has put his presidency behind this issue now. in his first term, even though, yes, he fell short, he ended up doing more than any previous president. and the opposition has been very difficult. but look at your first story about the flooding in australia. today is the three-month anniversary of superstorm sandy here. two years ago in my home city, nashville, massive flooding. these storms, it's like a nature hike through the book of revelation on the news every day now. and people are connecting the dots. >> you're joining us in our 8:00 half hour. i want to talk about some of the other headlines you've made of late. you sold current tv, the network you co-founded, to al jazeera for an estimated $5 millio00 mi. your take on that, pretax, $100 million. was that always j
or snow. >> the frigid temperatures in tennessee left trees looking ice sculpttures. interstate 81 clouded by a mix of white powder and brown slush. chicago an historic streak was finally broken, the city's first inch of snow in 335 days. >> to the east in syracuse with a high of 20 degrees, ice had to be broken on the seneca river for those braving the polar bear plunge. the temperatures in michigan also so low the detroit river was dotted with what appeared to be iceburgs. meanwhile out west in utah where they are used to this sort of weather, the ice sent a number of people to the e.r. >> i went out to get the newspaper and next thing i knew, i was flat on my back in the driveway. >> as injuries are treated and the cleanup continues, a new storm is targeting the midwest. nbc news, atlanta. >> well, 13,000 people did something that most people in the cold freezing winter won't. that i willingly jumped into the icy chesapeake bay to raise money. some did it every hour for an entire day. rob roblin introduces us to the motivation behind the superstars. >> the super plungers started plungin
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